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Changing the World W​ith Essential Oils

Experience the Healing help with Essential Oils

   Discover the benefits of essential oils at Oily To The Max in Haines, Alaska. Hi my name is Toni J Smith, and I deal with all things oily. As a professional  doTERRA wellness advocate, I wish to enlighten, enrich and empower everyone that I can with the ability to take their wellness for them and their family into their own hands and be darn healthy and happy about it. I can help you learn enjoying every moment of it so continue browsing my website or contact me today to learn more.

Everyone can take an active choice in their wellness 

Lets start by getting rid of toxins in the home, your home.​​

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How I Started

Been in the dark for quite awhile, used oils from a local store for over a year with no satisfaction. Saw articles and info on doTERRA. Put a lot of research into it and climbed on board. Told my upline I had joined under her. With oils I have not regretted a minute since that day. They put a smile in my heart. Being able to share them to help another , that makes me giddy. 


I’m just good and oily, enjoying every minute of learning and teaching daily. I want to connect and share the oils with you; they will change your life for the better. I will strive to help you with your oily journey in any way I can.

I am a 65-year-old great grandmother from Alaska and have been around the block a time or two. I am enrolled and actively learning with a certified aromatherapy course, all the better to help you. This is the real stuff here. I myself cannot learn enough fast enough, but I am giving it a whirl. I am so happy to be here to help you :) Thank you.

Mission-Vision Statement

Enlighten, Enrich, and Empower With Essential Oils


Coming Soon

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